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Please note that the information contained in the Authority's web pages is for general information only and does not constitute financial or legal advice. The information has been prepared without reference to the particular needs of your pharmacy or ownership structures. Applicants should not construe any information as legal advice. The Authority recommends that each pharmacist should seek professional financial, legal and taxation advice before making decisions in relation to their pharmacy business premises and ownership structures.

Does the Pharmacy Board of Tasmania still exist?
NO. The Pharmacy Control Act 2001 was amended in 2011 to replace the then Board with the Tasmanian Pharmacy Authority.

I have paid my annual renewal fee. Why haven't I received the Certificate?
As well as paying the renewal fees for both the pharmacy business premises and for your Eligiblity Certificate, you must complete and post or email the "Annual Eligibility Certificate Holder's Declaration and Application for Renewal of Pharmacy Business Premises Registration" Form to the Authority. At that time, your Eligibility Certificate will be issued to the email address you specified on your declaration form. However, the pharmacy businsess premises registration certificate cannot be issued until all Eligibility Certificate fees and Annual Declarations which relate to each owner of that particular pharmacy have been paid and forms returned. The Premises Registration Certificate will then be issued to the email addresses specified on each owners' declaration form.
If you have not received your certificates, please contact the Authority to check the status of your renewal.

What is the Pharmacy Authority responsible for?
The Authority approves and registers pharmacy business premises and manages and regulates pharmacy ownership.

The Authority is NOT simply a re-named version of the Tasmanian Pharmacy Board, although it has taken over some of the functions of the old Board. The responsibilities of the old Board were divided between the new Authority and the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) when AHPRA became responsible for the registration of all Health Practitioners in Australia in 2011.

Unlike the old Pharmacy Board, it does not manage such matters as: the registration of pharmacists; professional practice; complaint handling; discipline; competency; the training of ancillary staff; or matters which concern the conduct of a pharmacist. These matters are the responsibility of the Pharmacy Board of Australia (PBA), which has its services administered by AHPRA.

Links to AHPRA and the PBA are provided in the "Useful Links" section in the left column of this page.

Do I need approval from the Authority to administer immunisations from the pharmacy premises?
YES. The Authority needs to approve the area - even if it is for a temporary vaccination clinic - to ensure it is appropriate. The Authority has adopted the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia's "Practice Guidelines for the Provision of Immunisation Services with Pharmacy", especially insofar as the premises and equipment are concerned. It also expects the requirements of the Tasmanian Director of Public Health to be followed. Note that the requirement for the area to be approved applies regardless of who is to administer the vaccine. This includes vaccinations being administered by a visiting Doctor. The Authority has designed an application form to assist applicants, and it is available on the Premises tab.

What governs how the Tasmanian Pharmacy Authority is established and governed?
The Tasmanian Pharmacy Authority is established under section 6 of the Pharmacy Control Act 2001 (the Act).
Go to About Us for more information about the Authority and its members.

What are Fee Units?
Since 24 April 2013, the Authority's fees have been expressed in terms of Fee Units, rather than a dollar amount, due to the passing of the Pharmacy Control (Fees) Amendment Regulations 2013.

The Fee Units Act 1997 came into operation in the 1998/99 financial year and provides for the automatic indexation of most Government fees in line with movements in the Consumer Price Index for Hobart (CPI). This indexation ensures that the Government is able to recover increases in the cost of providing services through corresponding increases in the fees it charges to provide those services. More information about Fee Units can be found at the Department of Treasury and Finance Fee Units webpage.

Click here for a List of Fee Units and their corresponding $ fee values.

Does the Pharmacy Code still exist?
NO. The Code covered a wider range of responsibilities and activities than the Pharmacy Authority is now responsible for.
Instead of the Code, the Authority has issued TPA Guidelines.

Where can I contact the Authority?
The Registrar
Tasmanian Pharmacy Authority
PO Box 1082, Sandy Bay, TASMANIA 7005
Mobile: 0417 752 348
Email: registrar@pharmacyauthority.tas.gov.au

Can I use a direct deposit to make a payment to the Authority?
YES. This is our preferred method of receiving payments. You can make a direct deposit to:
- BSB 067101
- Account Number: 1049 0043
- Reference: Please quote the invoice number if you have one, or the name of the pharmacy or pharmacy owner, as relevant.

How can I find out the Registration Number of my Pharmacy?
You can access the list of Registered Pharmacy Premises which is also provided on the Premises tab; the column labelled "Code" on the listing is the premises registration number.

What if I have a question or complaint concerning the behaviour or practices of a pharmacist?
This is not a matter for the Pharmacy Authority. The registration of pharmacists and the handling of complaints about the conduct of a pharmacist is the responsibility of the Pharmacy Board of Australia, which has its services administered by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). In Tasmania, complaints about pharmacist's behaviour can also be referred to the Health Complaints Commissioner.

Links to websites for these bodies are provided in the "Useful Links" section in the left column of this page.

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