Who We Are and What We Do

The Tasmanian Pharmacy Authority is responsible for the administration of the Pharmacy Control Act 2001 which provides for the regulation of ownership and registration of pharmacy premises.

The Pharmacy Authority replaces the Pharmacy Board of Tasmania. In addition to administering the Act, the Authority has issued Guidelines, to assist Pharmacy owners in understanding and complying with the Act. These Guidelines replace the old Pharmacy Code, which became obsolete with the change to the Act and creation of the Authority in 2011.

The Authority consists of:
(a) two registered pharmacists nominated by the Minister representing the professional interests of pharmacists; and
(b) a non-pharmacist, nominated by the Minister representing the interests of the consumers.

The current members of the Authority are:
Chairperson: Ms Allyson Warrington, Community Member – BBus (Mktg, Int Bus), FAMI, CPM, FAICD
Members: Ms Kimbra Fitzmaurice, Pharmacist Member – BPharm
Ms Kate Jamrozik, Pharmacist Member – BPharm

The Authority meets monthly to consider any matters. The Authority has appointed a Registrar, Ms Christine Timms BPharm, who undertakes all administrative work. The Authority has also appointed a Professional Officer, Ms Jane Stephens BPharm who undertakes all work of a technical pharmacy nature.

The Pharmacy Authority is responsible for the registration and regulation of pharmacy owners and pharmacy premises. You must apply to the Authority for an Eligibility Certificate in order to own a pharmacy in Tasmania and your pharmacy business premises must be registered with the Authority.

The Pharmacy Authority also approves vaccination areas and alterations of pharmacy premises. The Authority conducts inspections of pharmacies upon opening, relocation, after changes of ownership, and after alterations.

Annual Report
The Authority is required to submit an Annual Report and audited financial statements to the Minister for Health, in accordance with section 20 of the Act. The report is appended to the annual report of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), which is tabled in both Houses of Parliament.