For pharmacies where an existing area (such as a consultation room) is to be used for administering the vaccination service, the Authority requires Form PV “Application for Approval of a Vaccination Area in a Pharmacy Business Premises” to be submitted.

Vaccinations can only be carried out by an Authorised Immuniser, approved by the Department of Health.

The Vaccination Area MUST have the following:

  • Privacy for the patient in terms of sound and visibility
  • Access for disabled persons
  • A sharps disposal bin
  • Medical waste bin
  • Hand washing or hand sanitation facilities
  • Access to a fridge which is monitored twice daily in accordance with the Strive for 5 requirements
  • Room for a client to lie down and have first aid/CPR administered
  • Sufficient room for all necessary equipment and records
  • Seating nearby, visible from the dispensary, to observe clients after vaccinations
  • Security and privacy of any/all client records either stored there or as relevant for the day’s bookings
  • An up to date anaphylaxis kit