An important function of the Authority is to conduct inspections of pharmacy premises. Inspections are undertaken on a regular cyclical basis and under the following circumstances:

When a pharmacy has changed ownership

When a pharmacy has completed alterations

When a new pharmacy premises opens for business

When a pharmacy relocates premises

When the Pharmacy Authority has concerns regarding the operations of the pharmacy.

The Authority has five Inspectors which includes a Chief Inspector. The Inspectors will travel to all areas of the state to conduct inspections. Pharmacies will be normally be contacted by the Inspector who will make an appointment at a mutually convenient time to inspect the pharmacy. The Authority encourages pharmacists to complete the Self-Inspection Form to ensure all aspects of the pharmacy comply with the requirements.

Compounding Inspections

For pharmacies which have complex compounding facilities, a more detailed and specialized inspection is required. If your pharmacy is planning on introducing complex compounding to the pharmacy, please contact the Authority for advice.