The Act requires that all pharmacy business premises must be registered with the Tasmanian Pharmacy Authority; and that the Authority must not approve the application unless it is satisfied that the premises sought to be registered are suitable, or are being made suitable, to be used for the purposes of a pharmacy business (section 71E).

If you are registering a new pharmacy premises, you should apply to the Authority BEFORE you develop a new pharmacy premises. There are strict guidelines applicable to the acceptable layout of the pharmacy. Your application will require professionally drawn plans to be submitted to the Authority.

If you already own a registered pharmacy and are relocating it to a different address (even if it is next door), you are essentially applying for a new pharmacy premise and the same guidelines and fees apply.

Please complete Form PNR to make your application and pay the appropriate fees.

When the Authority has considered your application, you will receive in principle approval to begin your development of the new or relocated pharmacy premises.

When work is completed, and before the commencement of trading at that new pharmacy, submit to the Authority your completed and signed DOC Declaration of Completion Form and SIF Self-Inspection Form.

On the basis of the information provided in Forms DOC and SIF, if the Authority is satisfied that the premises have been made suitable to be used for the purposes of a pharmacy business, then the premises will be registered. Advice to this effect, including issuing of the Certificate of Registration of Pharmacy Business Premises, will then be formalised. Once this Certificate is issued, trading can commence on the date specified on the DOC Form.

The Authority will arrange with you to inspect your pharmacy within one week of the commencement of trading and may require you to undertake any remedial actions to make the premises suitable.